Strada:  The Road to Heavenly World Food

snapseedLos Angeles is indeed  a mecca for diversity…… people, food, arts, and culture. One of the many things I love about LA is that I get to explore my tastebud for world food….especially with my new favorite place, Strada Eateria and Coffee, located along 5th Avenue, next to King Edward Hotel in the heart of downtown LA. I found this place as I was searching for a place where Turkish coffee is being served.  As we walked in the restaurant, the ambiance has intense pairing of the old and the modern decors.  The owner, Julian, greeted us with a warm smile that made us instantly feeling at home.  The place is quite small with only a few tables but it was perfect for people like me who are not too crazy about the big and noisy crowded places.

The decor is dominated by red hue…..window curtains, walls, wooden counter, which gave an eclectic vibe complimenting  the old vintage look of the building itself.  Strada also shares a window that overlooks the lobby of King Edward Hotel, giving it a unique character.

Julian gave us a sample tray of meats, knowing that it was our first time at his restaurant, to help us decide on what to order while looking over the menu. The menu comprises of variety of quality cured meats from France, Italy, Spain, and other countries.  Because the meats were all delicious and we could not decide what sandwich to get, we opted to order the Meater, which is a combination of Lomo (cured beef tenderloin from Spain), Sobrasada (raw cured sausage from Balearic Island in Spain), chorizo, pickle, and my favorite melted aged Manchego cheese (a rich and creamy sheep’s milk cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain) in a ciabatta bread.  We also ordered a spinach salad with slices of apple and orange,  topped with duck prosciutto, and drizzled with olive oil. The saltiness of duck prosciutto flavored the whole salad and blended well with the slight sweetness and acidity of sliced apple and orange.  The duck prosciutto was also served warm and crisp……and I just couldn’t get enough of it❤️. There were many more on the menu that would definitely make me come back to this place like the charcuterie trays, the cheeses, the Asian inspired poke dish, and the Peruvian ceviche among others.  There is something to eat for everyone and gauging it from what we had so far, im sure they are all delicious.

Meater sandwich and a side of salad

Spinach salad topped topped with duck prosciutto 

Our drinks and desserts were equally impressive and refreshing.   We had  a mint cucumber lemonade freshly made each order and hibiscus tea during our meal. The flower atop the lemonade made the mint cucumber lemonade even more enticing.

We shared a Savarina cake for dessert and paired it with Turkish sand brewed coffee.  Savarina was surprisingly refreshing and light as I first thought it would be sweet and dense.  It suited well with the smoothness of Turkish coffee.  

The highlight of them all is what I had originally come for, the Turkish sand brewed coffee.  Julian graciously demonstrated how it was being brewed by using a pot, commonly called “Ibrik”, and adding coffee, spices, and one cube of sugar or more if requested.  He swirled the Ibrik around a bed of hot sand until it starts to boil up to the top of the pot.  He would remove the Ibrik from the hot sand each time it would start to boil over and repeated it 3 times.  This technique is to ensure coffee and spice are well blended and the acid in the coffee is neutralized. The result was a potent but flavorful and smooth coffee…..and that made my day perfect👍.  See demonstration video below.

Strada Eateria and Coffee   $$

5th Street, Los Angeles, CA.


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